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Air quality on cruise ships is 20 times worse than in a busy city centre

Have you ever thought about the air quality while you are enjoying a cruise? Passengers on a cruise ship could be inhaling “60 times higher concentrations of harmful air pollutants ” than they would in natural air settings, Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), a German environmental association, has warned.

“The longest recording was conducted for a time period of almost 50 minutes where an average of 60,000 particles per cubic centimeter of air were documented. As a comparison: a fresh sea breeze at that altitude should usually be at around 1,000 – 2,000 particles at maximum. So passengers inhaled 60 times higher concentrations of harmful air pollutants,” Daniel Rieger, a transport policy officer and researcher for NABU who analysed the data told Telegraph Travel. “Moreover they warn that ultra-fine particles are very dangerous, lead to lung diseases, heart attacks, strokes and are also linked to diabetes and cause deterioration for asthma and COPD patients,” he added.

We all know that the real hazards to our health come with particles which are smaller than 0.1 micron( one ten thousandth of a millimeter). These ultra-fine particles make up more than 90% of the bad things we draw into our lungs. When it comes to ultra-fine particles, LifeAir has a unique ability to efficiently remove these particles from the air, all the way down to PM0.007.

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