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The very air we breathe is poisoning us.

If you’re a Londoner experiencing aching sinuses, an odd taste in your mouth or difficulty breathing, you’re not alone. The capital has just been through several days of very high air pollution. The causes of the most recent episode were the usual: a lack of wind to blow away the build-up of noxious gases and small particles of matter that London generates on a daily basis.

This is an urgent and growing health problem as a result from increasing pollution. According to the scientific community, size matters. 90% of all particles in the air are smaller than PM0.1. These particles are overwhelmingly the most harmful ones to your health and are considered to be a major cause of heart-and vascular disease, different forms of cancer as well as a serious aggravating factor to allergy and asthma reactions. LifeAir has a unique ability to efficiently remove these particles from the air, all the way down to PM0.007.

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