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Warsaw Grapples With Gloomy, Gray Smog

An eerie gray mist with a pervasive odor of fumes wreathed Warsaw and dozens of other Polish cities, bringing a global problem more associated with Beijing and New Delhi into the heart of Europe. It took less than half a day, on Jan. 8, for the smog levels to break all records set in the 10 years since Poland, following a directive from the European Union, put in place an air pollution monitoring system.

Smog is derived from coal emissions, vehicular emissions, industrial emissions, forest and agricultural fires and photochemical reactions of these emissions. Smog is usually highly toxic to humans and can cause severe sickness, shortened life or even death. Smog is defined as fine and ultra-fine in size, which means the particles are small enough to enter our blood stream. LifeAir is one of the only air purifiers on the market that is specialized in removing these fine and ultra fine particles such as those from smog. LifeAir can be part of the solution to battle the smog in Poland.

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