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CellFlow Technology

The patented CellFlow Technology will clean your air quickly and meticulously. The unique and innovative combination of an ionizing chamber and spiral filter collector enables efficient removal from fine and ultra-fine particles below 0,1µm. Better than any HEPA.

Better than HEPA.

Just like a HEPA based air purifier the CellFlow Technology will suck air through a filter with the help of a fan only with some crucial differences:

  • It catches the most harmful particles below 0,1µm, which HEPA filters can’t handle.
  • It will operate more quietly than a HEPA because of the sparsely designed filter collector.
  • It will consume much less energy than a HEPA because of low air resistance.
  • Thanks to a cleanable collector the operating cost will much less than for a HEPA filter.



  • “The future will be all about technologies that can handle fine, ultra-fine and nano particles.”

An innovative way to clean and healthy air. This is how it works.