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What is your health concern?

Find out how LightAir air purifiers can help you feel better.

Pollen allergy

Hay fever, pollen allergy or allergic rhinitis is different words for the same thing namely getting an allergic reaction to pollen. Even though pollen doesn’t mean to hurt you, it can be devastating for the day-to-day living for many people and ruin long periods of the year.

If it is indoors you will probably vacuum or wipe the pollen away. However most pollen is crushed into finer pollen dust that can stay airborne for a long time and it is these that we inhale.

LightAir is specialist and the best to remove the finest particles in the air, called ultra fine particles. Our air purifiers can improve your resistance to pollen as well as prevent allergies long-term. Click here to find all the test reports.

Allergic asthma 

More than 90% of all the particles in the air are smaller than PM 0.1. The increasing pollution around the world is thus one of the reasons for the dramatic rise in the number of people suffering from asthma today.

Cleaner air can make life changing differences! People using LightAir’s air purifiers have experienced dramatic changes in their health for the better. In 8 years and more than 100’000 LightAir IonFlow air purifiers sold, we have helped thousands of people suffering from asthma lead better and healthier lives.



Mold is microscopic living things that are kind of like plants. They can grow on many surfaces and do especially well in damp places like bathrooms and basements. Mold reproduce by sending spores into the air. When mold spores are present in large quantities, they can present a health hazard to humans, potentially causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

LightAir is proven to handle mold very well and can thereby help solve the huge problem of mold that many people live with today. Third party report proves LightAir IonFlow air purifier removes 88% of all mold spores in only 3 hours. Read the test report here.



75% of the cigarette smoke particles added to indoor air are of ultra fine sizes and these particles can stay airborne for up to two weeks. Together with their toxic and carcinogenic constituents, the small particles can penetrate deep into the human lung and can cause serious health problems including respiratory diseases and asthma.

It requires very sophisticated instruments able to register particle sizes down to 0.007 micron in several separate size intervals. Third-party test report has showed that LightAir air purifier can effectively remove smoke particles. Read the whole test report here.

Virus & Bacteria

Colds, flus, and other viruses are usually spread through microorganisms that become airborne. The microorganisms are then transmitted from one person to another by breathing indoor air that contains the contaminant. Viruses are very small particles that are extremely hard to catch with conventional filter air purifiers but they also stay alive even when caught by a filter.

LightAir IonFlow air purifiers are scientifically proven to neutralize more than 97% of virus in the air, according to a study that was published in Nature, the world’s most highly cited scientific journal. The virus are made harmless immediately in the air as the negative ions attach to them making sure they will never bother you. We are the best air purifier against virus. This is just a scientifically proven fact. To read more click here.

Pet allergen

Pet allergy is triggered by certain proteins found in pet saliva, urine and faces. As pets continuously lick their fur the protein ends up on pet dander, which is very small flecks of skin. Pet dander becomes air born and can stay so for a very long time enabling us to inhale the allergen.

Are you or any of your family members one of those who suffer through pet allergies with allergy medication and Kleenex so that you can share a home with your lovely cat or dog?

We will help you to efficiently reduce the pet dander lingering in the air causing the allergic reaction. LightAir’s IonFlow air purifiers are proven to efficiently remove particles from the air. And we have long experience with happy pet owners using our air purifier. Even the pets get happy about it finding their favorite spot beside the unit! Pet or human, apparently we all prefer clean air.