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Pollutants in the air

We all know that the air outside is full of pollutants. Everyday substances that can be dangerous to our health are released from cars, industry, and even the environment.

The rising global threat of air pollution.

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 3.2 million people die every year from breathing in tiny particles present in indoor and outdoor air pollution.LifeAir_airpollution_graf_1600x

Indoor air is much worse than outdoor.

90%timeindoorsSo, you think staying at home will be less polluted than go outside? Think again. For most of us, we spend approximately 90% percent of our time indoors (homes, offices, schools, busses etc.). While we are aware that outdoor air pollution is a major environmental risk to health, many may not know that indoor air pollution could be even worse.

Studies of human exposure to air pollutants by EPA indicate that the air we breathe indoors is may be 2 – 5 times – and occasionally more than 100 times – more polluted than outdoor air. Especially during winter, when windows and doors are closed up to conserve energy, pollutants can accumulate to levels that cause health problems.

When you close your door on the outside world, you don’t close the door on pollutants.

All LightAir air purifiers efficiently remove:

Traffic pollution
Pet allergen
Industrial pollution