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6 best tips to fight pollen attack!


pollen allergy season

Six ultimate ways to fight pollen and spring allergies and to avoid the allergens that cause all the trouble.

Getting through the pollen period is not only about taking the right medications. To review the surrounding environment and proactively prevent the effect of the allergy is just as important.


The weather is getting warmer and the sun is coming out after a long cold winter. Seems nice, but the side effects can be sniffling, sneezing, and teariness. It is the seasonal allergy that kicks in, probably hay fever. As many as 50 million people in the United States have allergies, and nearly 36 million of them have hay fever, says the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI).

We know you’ve been checking your medications and are trying to avoid going outside the worst days of the allergy season. But even if you take the most effective medications or even stay inside, barricade the door, reinforce the windows with plywood and bury yourself under thick blankets in bed, the evil particles will still get hold on you and make you suffer. Even so, do not turn your house to a zombie-safe heaven just yet. Read on, because we have six ultimate steps to keep that pollen allergy at bay and to create a better life. It is time to fight back!


Step One:

Even if you don’t need to barricade your home, the first way to minimize your contact with allergens is to close windows and doors. In addition to treatment, the best way to fight allergies is to learn ways to avoid them. You can’t control the air outside, but inside you can get an air purifier to clean the air from fine particles and allergens. An important note is that not all air purifiers take care of the smallest particles in town, so you need to get an air purifier that is both effective and takes away the smallest particles. If you have an air conditioner, use that instead of opening your windows. It’s also important to change the filter in the air conditioner often, at least once a month during pollen season. If you have a filter based air purifier at home, you need to change that filter once a month as well to collect all the allergens. A tip is to go for an air purifier without a filter or with a washable filter, which saves a lot of money better used for that non-happening zombie apocalypse.


Step Two:

Outside is a war zone. You are attacked by all kinds of allergens. It may not be neat, but a mouth and nose protective equipment can be a real relief.  If you want to fight the allergens with class, an easy improvement is to use sun glasses. Wearing sunglasses outside can reduce the amount of pollen or spores that get into your eyes. Sunlight is also irritating your allergy sensitive eyes, so stylish shades may help your eyes feel better, too. Avoid outdoors completely during peak pollen times, which are typically in the early morning and on windy days. If you can, a vacation to the beach is a great escape from pollen. And as a fact, a great escape from everything else as well.


Step Three:

Take off all your clothes and shoes as soon as you enter home. Rinse your hair to get rid of allergens, which otherwise can trigger allergic reactions while you sleep. Wash your clothes and sheets regularly and use the highest temperature allowed. A silent (and we mean silent!) air purifier in your bedroom is also a great idea to sleep like a baby.


Step Four:

It’s important what you eat. Increase your intake of foods with natural antihistamine properties such as garlic, onions, citrus and apples. You can also jumpstart your immune system by eating one or two teaspoons per day of locally produced bee pollen or honey. If you do that before the pollen season starts your immune system will get a head start and you will prevent the worst symptoms.


Step Five:

Make sure you never get any more humidity inside than close to 50 %. With more than that, mold will thrive. This is actually an around the year fact and not only useful during the pollen season. But it is good to have in mind that those air purifiers that uses ionization like LifeAir’s IonFlow work best in dry enviroments. Therefore, by using an air purifier together with a dehumidifier, you will fight both mold and take care of all the small particles and pollen at the same time. Important note: see to change the filters in the air conditioner and clean the dehumidifier regularly to avoid spreading bacteria or mold.


Step Six:

The Final Step. You are now on good way to be a fully equipped fighter of spring allergies. With HEPA filters for your air conditioning units (you need to change filter often), a dehumidifier to take control of the humidity and an air purifying machine like LifeAir’s IonFlow to take care of the small particles, you have the equipment you need indoor. For outdoor you need to check pollen forecasts on websites like or check with the National Allergy Bureau with the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) that also features information on pollen. And maybe most important is to check with your doctor or allergist, especially if your reactions and allergies are severe. If you really want to get rid of pollen allergy symptoms in your body, consider an allergy shot regimen. During a long treatment plan, maybe for several years, the patient receives injections with increasing amounts of an allergen, eventually either decreasing the severity of allergy symptoms or eliminating them entirely. This treatment with allergy shots can be very costly and it takes a long time for the treatment to fully work out, but if pollen season keeps you trapped inside your home like a survivor of a zombie apocalypse, and all your natural prevention and relief measures have little or no effect, you should talk with an allergist (or a psychiatrist, if the real reason you are trapped inside is because of the irrational fear of none existing zombies).

If you follow these six ultimate ways you will minimize the effect of allergens, fight pollen and spring allergies and create a better life. You are ready to fight back!

And forget about the zombies, they’re dead.