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LifeAir is the best air purifier against virus. A scientifically proven fact.



LifeAir IonFlow air purifiers are scientifically proven to neutralize more than 97% of virus in the air! The virus are made harmless immediately in the air as the negative ions attach to them making sure they will never bother you.

As far as we know, the IonFlow products are the only air purifiers in the world that have been tested, proven and peer-reviewed by the international scientific community to eliminate air-borne viruses. A study by Karolinska Institute, one of the foremost medical universities in the world and awarder of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, resulted in a revolutionizing discovery: The IonFlow air purifier prevents the spread of air-borne viruses and must be considered the best and most efficient air purifier for allergy, asthma, COPD, pregnant, infants, children and other people sensitive to influenza and other infections.


The study that was published in Nature, the world’s most highly cited scientific journal, showed that none of the animals in the study got sick when exposed to the virus when the IonFlow air purifier was on. 75% got sick when the air purifier was turned off. In real-life, this would mean that LifeAir IonFlow air purifiers would prevent or minimize the risk of you and your family or colleagues getting sick.

Viruses are very small particles that are extremely hard to catch with conventional filter air purifiers but they also stay alive even when caught by a filter. The IonFlow technology eliminate the infectivity of the virus already in the air, making them harmless for humans and animals.

Stay healthy with LifeAir IonFlow air purifier.

Read full report from Nature HERE.