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IonFlow 500C

The ultimate ceiling-mounted air purifier

Both air purifier and virus inhibitor

No fan and no filter

Extremely silent



About IonFlow 500C

Breathe easier, sleep better, live healthier. Introducing IonFlow 500C, the first ceiling-mounted air purifier. Looking sharp with a sleek, silver/gray color scheme, it frees up floor space. This makes it especially suitable for schools, nurseries, clinics, and small offices.

Independent testing of our patented IonFlow technology shows  that our filter-free, ozone-free, silent air purifiers neutralize 97% of viruses and remove 99.94% of airborne mold, allergens, and ultra-fine particles down to 0.007 microns—the most dangerous particles of all and far too small for typical HEPA air purifiers to handle effectively.

How it works












Life-changing improvement

LightAir makes a life-changing improvement for people with asthma, allergies and COPD, as well as for children, the elderly and the ill, who are most sensitive to infections, fine particles, and ultra-fine particles.

Conventional air-purifying solutions only handle particles larger than PM0.3 and cannot deal with the most dangerous particles in indoor-air, hence only addressing 10% of harmful indoor-air pollution. Our filter-free and silent IonFlow efficiently cleans your air from 99.94% of pollutants such as traffic pollution, mold, smoke, fine dust, pet allergens and more – all the way down to PM0.007. Scientific research also prove that IonFlow neutralizes over 97% of the virus immediately in your indoor-air, without having to pass through any filter.

LightAir IonFlow benefits:


Inactivate virus 



Cost saving

Energy efficient

LightAir IonFlow effectively remove:

virus_Test 02_Pollution_text 03_pollen 04_mold 05_smoke 06_petallergens_V2 07_finedust

We make you feel better
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IonFlow Evolution

IonFlow 500 Ceiling

CellFlow Mini
Floor mount
Table mount
Ceiling mount
Protective guard
Room size 540 sq ft/50 m2 540 sq ft/50 m2 10 - 20 m²/107 - 215 sq ft
Dimensions 7,5x23 inches/19x59 cm 5x14 inches/13x35 cm 21.6 x 21 x 8.6 cm/8.5 x 8.3 x 3.4 inches
Weight 5,7 lbs/2,7 kg 4,8 lbs/2,2 kg 1 kg / 2.2 lbs
IonFlow Technology
CellFlow Technology
Decoration light
Ozon free 21dB 20 - 38 dB
Noise level 21 dB 5W 1.5 - 3 W
Energy consumption 5W


Dimensions: 7.5×14 inches / 19×35 cm
Weight: 4.8 lbs / 2.2 Kg (excl. adapter)
Room size: approx. 540 sq ft / 50 m2
Noise level: 21dB
Energy consumption:  5W
Certifications: EMC (Electromagnetic Quality) CE, ETL (US), GS, S, BSMI, CQC
Particle reduction: Effectively removes particles (size 0.01-1.0 μm). Especially efficient eliminating the smallest and most dangerous particles (nano particles below 0.1 µm), but it also removes larger particles (1.0-25.0 μm) at a reasonable rate.
Negative ion effect: 19’000’000 negative ions/cm3 on 1 cm distance, 250’000 negative ions/cm3 on 1 m distance.


Theses companies successfully use IonFlow 500C to deal with their specific air problem.

SVT – Swedish National Television

In our costume storage where there were no air cleaners before, I got a headache after only ten minutes. Now I can work all day without any problems

Working conditions have been highly improved. Both people working here and the equipment we use (dust sensitive) profit from the effect of the air cleaners

LightAir IonFlow air purifiers were chosen after a buying contest and successively increased to 56 units installed.


There are no short-cuts to quality and there is no quick way to achieve perfection. They realized that the final quality of a photographic image is a direct result of the quality of every component that goes into the product that produces it.

LightAir has sold and installed 11 air purifiers at Hasselblad camera production. They have expressed great satisfaction.

Less pollution in every breath she takes

LightAir makes a life-changing improvement for people with asthma, allergies and COPD, as well as for children, the elderly and the ill, who are most sensitive to infections, fine particles, and ultra-fine particles.

Do you or those around you suffer from breathing problems?

LightAir IonFlow air purifiers effectively remove:

virus_Test  02_Pollution_text  03_pollen  04_mold  05_smoke  06_petallergens_V2  07_finedust

LightAir IonFlow air purifiers can make a big difference to those who suffer from:

01_asthma_text  02_allergy_text  03_COPD  04_respiratory  05_flucold



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